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Carpet Cleaning Company

Carpet Cleaning Company

Our specially designed equipment and trained staff can tackle any water damaged carpet and have it fully restored and looking good as new in no time.

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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Technology is changing so fast such that some situations demand training in commercial carpet cleaning, mainly due to the equipment and methods used.

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Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpet Cleaning Services

The intense trained personnel clean with the handpicked cleaning agents to maintain the quality of customers belonging.

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State of the art machinery for immediate water damage restoration

Here you will find carpet cleaning tips for effective dirt and stain removal without causing harm even to Oriental rugs.

Don't forget to clean couches

We often forget to clean our sofas but couch cleaning is extremely important since we actually sit on it even with underclothes. Pet hair, stains and dirt must all be removed as often as possible according to our specialists in Panorama City. Cushions must be lifted and every crevice of the couch must be vacuumed and cleaned thoroughly.

How to keep upholstery clean

Upholstery cleaning is usually very hard to do, especially if there are hard stains. They are not usually removable and the fabrics are expensive and sensitive. Though, what's the purpose in spending money on presentable dinner chairs and hide them from visitors? Remove stains immediately with special ecofriendly products and cover them when kids are using them.

Choose darker colored carpets

If you think that you cannot maintain carpets or rugs effectively, choose those that are darker in color. Light colored carpets are more prone to having obvious stains even from the spillage of equally light colored liquids. Patterned carpets can also hide stains and marks more easily than plain ones.

Prevent stains brought on by furniture

Paint and finishes on furniture items can stain wet or damp carpet. If they are too heavy to move out of the room, your next best option is to wrap the legs with plastic film or aluminum foil squares. Another option is to elevate those using wooden blocks, before professional carpet cleaners arrive and start their work.

Select the right carpets

Before you get new carpets, think of your needs. There's a reason why there are so many choices in terms of fibers. Leave the aesthetics for last. After all, there are many options in colors and patterns. You must decide based on whether you want carpets for high traffic areas, the bedroom or the kitchen and select the right fibers in terms of resistance to trafficking and moisture.

Do not leave wet mops or cleaning towels on carpets and rugs

The water will get easily absorbed into the fibers and you will have no choice but to dry the spot immediately to prevent mold growth and damage. If there are other chemical compounds in the water coming from cleaners or other products, they may also cause damage to the structure of the fibers or to the dye.

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